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Folding Bikes – My Reviews

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So I’ve narrowed down my options after spending a few days around the town at various bike shops, trying to source out the perfect bicycle for me. I’ve only gone and bought myself a lovely, miniature, lightweight folding bike – the Dahon MU Uno is undoubtedly one of the best ones around at the minute…

Keeping Myself Fit – Cycling

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One little side note to my main blog that I would love to write about is – Fitness. As I’ve been ageing, I’ve found that my body is less and less able to keep up with a substantial amount of physical exertion. So I’ve been desperately trying to figure out what I can do to…

Currently Unknown Music Genres

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So I’ve been doing an awful lot of reading about new and upcoming music genres recently, but have found that this task becomes particularly convoluted after a while because the list, really is, simply endless. There’s even a website for them for gods sake, however after quite some time researching the topic I – finally…

History Of Dubstep

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Okay so, as many of you folks out there will know – I’m massively into my Dubstep at the moment and while I may have missed the boat – when it was at its prime. I’m certainly not too late to be having some fun with it and playing at a few gigs here and…

Federation Music

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Hello there and welcome to my new blog! Federation music is designed to be my outlet for everything related to all of my own music production, to reviews of DJ’s, tracks and events, to any of my daily musings too. I’m going to do my best to keep this relatively structured and prevent it from…

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