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Hello there and welcome to my new blog!

Federation music is designed to be my outlet for everything related to all of my own music production, to reviews of DJ’s, tracks and events, to any of my daily musings too. I’m going to do my best to keep this relatively structured and prevent it from becoming a free for all of random content. I’d like to put it out there now that I’m actively looking for additional writers, you’d have to have an interest in electronic music first and foremost. The genre’s that I’m most interested in publishing about include Dubstep, Trance, Techno, House and Drum & Bass – however, I’m totally open to ideas of yours too and am always on the look out for new genre’s too.

Now for a bit about myself.

My name is Mark Ellis and I’ve been producing music for over 15 years. I’m continually looking for methods to promote my music and I figured that one of the best ways possible would be to incorporate my thoughts into a blog of my own, so here I am. I also am planning on opening a record label of my own in the very near future, so for any upcoming DJ’s or producers – please give me a shout. I’ve got VIP access to a variety of events and existing record labels, however I’m hoping to expand my reach even further in the coming months. What does that mean for you guys? Well, if I manage to find the right group of young and enthusiastic people, then I will be able to promote your music and potentially get you out there to events, doing exactly what you love.

My experience as a DJ goes right back to 2000 when I played at V-Fest over here in the UK, this was my first “big event”, I was playing in a small tent just outside of the main venue ring – since then I have experience playing all over the world at a variety of different places and with a whole range of genres too. Currently I’m really into my minimalist dubstep, however I realise that this is somewhat of a dying scene and will be looking to produce a few more deep house tracks too. What is the biggest event that I have played at? This is almost certainly the one big sunday event in Leicester where I was on stage mixing in front of about 90,000 people – an incredible sight. In more recent years I’ve toned down the amount of venues I play at so that I can focus more heavily on producing and hopefully getting some sort of record label together. If you’re interested in hearing more from me then please get back to me and I will shoot you a message back as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you!

I’m also hoping that this blog will enable me to jot down my ideas and general memo’s of things I plan on doing in the future, this will undoubtedly help me get my ideas together and actively formulate them into functional plans. I’ve made the mistake of thinking big but never acting on my plans in the past, however I’m aiming on preventing this in the future – fingers crossed it goes well. I will also be posting a little bit about me and my life on here, just in case any of you are interested in what’s going on in my crazy life. I’m currently living with my wife Ellen Ellis and have two children; michael and jay.

Well, that’s my basic plan for the site anyway, please comment your thoughts below or post anything that you would like to see on here moving forward. Thanks for coming to my new blog, for reading all of this – please save my link in your bookmark bar and head back soon – I’m not sure how regularly I will be posting here as of yet, but I’ll figure it all out soon enough. Cheers guys!

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