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So I’ve been doing an awful lot of reading about new and upcoming music genres recently, but have found that this task becomes particularly convoluted after a while because the list, really is, simply endless. There’s even a website for them for gods sake, however after quite some time researching the topic I – finally – came across a few that I really did like the sound of and that I thought could make a dent in the industry in the very near future. I’m just going to go straight into it here and you guys will have to let me know what you think in the comments below – hopefully you’ll enjoy the few gems I’ve discovered!

Firstly there’s TDM, sounds like a load of americanized rubbish, right? Well, it’s not. I can promise you that much. Tin Foil Dance Music is a beautiful hybrid of various popular music genres, including rock, hip-hop, EDM (whatever that is…) and trap – a bit of an eclectic mix, right? I honestly thought it was going to be a  load of rubbish when I first heard about it, then I saw that Niko was producing these tracks and thought I’d give it a go. Beautiful, absolutely stunning, was my initial reaction. The beats blend beautifully into the truly aggressive rock-like synths, I love combining instruments together with electronic bliss – can’t go wrong with adding a few vocals here and there too!

Secondly, Dubstaz, this genre – again – sounds a lot better than you imagine. I can literally picture all of your faces now while you think that I’ve gone slightly insane, however this a quintessential mix of my love – Dubstep – and jazzy sounds or blues. Hard to imagine, right? Well, I personally believe it is the perfect compilation of the sounds, gut wrenching and soul crushing bass lines mixed with some light jazz, honestly, at times very little can sound any better than this. People have been raving about this for a short while now, so get in ahead of the game and you’ll be a real cool kid in years to come.

Finally and last but not least, CDM. I realise that all of these abbreviations are going to get profoundly irritating, but there is honestly some sense in all of the madness… CDM stands for Country-Dance Music, essentially an odd but truly awesome hybrid between folk music, cool vocals and a shattering beat too. I’m not sure how this genre evolved, but it had to have come from somewhere – various top artists are now starting to tap into this little niche and I can see it filling up dancefloors across the country, what this space folks – seriously!

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