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So I’ve narrowed down my options after spending a few days around the town at various bike shops, trying to source out the perfect bicycle for me. I’ve only gone and bought myself a lovely, miniature, lightweight folding bike – the Dahon MU Uno is undoubtedly one of the best ones around at the minute too, as you can see on the review of it here –

In all honesty, I never really considered purchasing one of these (as I eluded to in my earlier post), however after doing an awful lot of reading and looking about, it became the obvious choice for me to be honest. I also managed to discover the wonderful world of folding mountain bikes too. The Dahon MU Uno is a totally lightweight model that is easily carried around and so it makes the perfect utility tool for transporting me to and from the studios. I’m probably not going to be using it too much while the weather is as cold as it is in London right now, however as soon as that passes I’ll make sure to get out and about as often as possible!

I’ve also discovered that not only are these bicycles more transportable than any usual bike model, but they are also incredibly small once folded away too – exactly what you need when you’re living in a tiny 2 up, 2 down house in central London. I couldn’t possibly store a proper road or mountain bike anywhere in my house, but this fits perfectly in the area under my stairs and the house mates won’t complain about it being there either, exactly what I need! More than anything though, I just hope that now that I own the folding bike, that I’m going to be able to use it as much as I initially anticipated and that this idea wasn’t just simply a fleeting thought that I’ve taken too far – only time will tell, all I know for now is that I can wait to get cycling on it after reading all the reviews about it!

I’m really glad that I’m starting to get things in gear, this month I have started this blog, purchased a bike to begin working on my fitness once again and also I’ve made leaps and bounds based on my record label’s progression too. I’m currently in the interviewing phase for the label and have now had over 15 applicants for jobs, this is exactly the sort of interest I was initially expecting when I set it up, now I’m glad it has finally reached that peak. I’m hoping to have made a final decision on who I’m offering a place to by the end of next week, however as you can imagine it’s a pretty difficult task to do rapidly so this may be postponed somewhat. Fingers crossed this all goes smoothly for everyone and people aren’t too disappointed in the coming few weeks, I’d hate for that to be the case.

Anyway, thank you for reading today’s quick update, I’m going to be posting my new tracks here very soon so please keep your eyes peeled. Also, if you would like any information whatsoever on what bike, or even folding bike, that you would like to buy – then please give me a shout on the comments section, or drop me an email via the ‘Message Me’ page of my blog. Cheers guys, as always I really do appreciate the continued support that you all give me!


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